Fashion Uniform .. Anna Wintour,Emmanuelle Alt,Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and Grace

If you really look at fashion almost all of the major editors and designers have a uniform that they wear everyday. Michael Kors in head to toe black, Carolina Herrera in a white shirt and full skirt to the knee, Grace Coddington all black, Anna Wintour printed body con shift dresses (to memorable to ever be worn twice)  with pointed toe nude Manolos, Emmannuel Alt’s black skinny jeans that crop above the  ankle, pointed toe black stiletto pumps or boots and a blazer or men’s shirt oh and the same belt with everything.  Although they push trends, some of them have not changed their own looks in decades: I am a fan of uniform dressing because it makes your life easy and once you find your perfect fashion formula there is no need to stray.

Carolina Herrera – ALWAYS in a white shirt and a full skirt to the floor for night to the knee for day – Usually with her double Verdura link bracelets.

Michael Kors – always in a black t shirt and black blazer with a pair of aviators and  jeans.

Grace Coddington Fashion Week Uniform head to toe black.